This year we made a little Christmas Greeting for our families. They loved it so hope you enjoy it as well!

Ryan and Bliss Christmas Greeting from Bliss Lemmon on Vimeo.



So I’ve started planning for Christmas this year. Here is a look at a few of the things I did last year.

So my big family 8+ people came to our little apartment and stayed for 5 days. As always I plan everything on pinterest, which you can see on my Christmas Board. I decided to go with a more rustic feel. The materials I used were burlap, oranges, grapefruits, cinnamon and greenery. The main thing I made for decorations and tradition was stockings. I got burlap from Alterra, the local coffee shop in our neighborhood. I loved the way they turned out. I made 15 since Ryan’s family also came over for Christmas Eve. When my family got here we had a crafty afternoon and sewed everyone’s names onto their stockings.  For Christmas Eve I set out little cards for people to write something and tie it to the persons stocking. Clearly I prefer encouragement to presents. We didn’t put much in them except candy. I’ll have to work on that part of the tradition.

Christmas dinner was set up in our studio. Getting 10 people around this table was a cozy challenge.

Then when everyone left I did a puzzle for 3 days. Ha apparently I used up all my extroverted energy playing bananagrams and switching the studio back and forth from dining room to game room! I loved every minute and hope to continue to improve on all of these traditions!




…annnd by terrible I do mean awesome! We LOVE having people in our house. So then of course we’d have 20 people over to our two bedroom apartment for a sit down Christmas dinner. Who wouldn’t think that’s a totally great idea?! Right?! Sooo fun!

So I know this is such a cliche’ but yes we did a white elephant, ugly sweater, sit down dinner party with our Community group for the second year in a row. We had some new people and thankfully when we said “white elephant gift exchange” most people understood that meant bring a TOTAL CRAP present. Bring the ugliest, stupidest, weirdest thing you have. This was a party that had an amazing balance of good food, fun christmas decor, terrible fashion and cherished time with friends.


I always start my party planning on pinterest. For this party and Christmas 2011 in general I used lots of burlap from Alterra (the local coffee shop by our house), cinnamon, oranges and greenery cut from the back of my Christmas tree. Some of it sort of flopped and some of it turned out way better  then I thought.


Yes that is a book of “how to” make bad ass sweaters for men.

Yes that is a replica of the titanc made by Andrea in grade school.

Then there is the clown. This is a longer story that I’ll have to tell sometime, short version is that believe it or not this is the second clown (of the same mold) to pop up in a gift exchange in our community. I guess I had it coming. So I’m not excited like “Sweet a creepy clown to display in our living room” I’m more amazed that she found another one of those damn things and gave it to us a gift. Gross annnnd Awesome.



You’re like “Waiting for Advent” doesn’t this girl know that Advent is all about waiting.  Yes yes, I know. To be honest, I only recently began celebrating the season of Advent. I, of course, celebrated and have always loved Christmas, but Advent has recently taken on new meaning for me. My husband, Ryan, bought me an Advent devotional when we were dating. Since we were long distance I’m sure he hoped (along with all the other books he bought that I didn’t read) that we would follow along in the devotional experiencing it together, while we were apart. Unfortunately those hopes were short lived. We rarely get things right the first time. But it did plant a seed that has now grown into an anticipation of the season of Advent and more importantly remembering the coming of Christ incarnate.

This is last years Advent Devotional that we made for our community group.

Waiting for Advent from Bliss Lemmon on Vimeo.

As you can see we failed before we succeeded. Which is really par for the course with me. I can be absent minded or as I like to put it “selectively focused.” I can miss the obvious and do things the super long way the first time (pretty sure that’s called learning). Thankfully, I have an incredibly patient husband.

This was his first experience with printmaking (linoleum/woodcut carving) and I think he rocked it after this hiccup. He is quite the perfectionist when it comes to his art. After I lead him to carve the words backwards, sad, he did a second one, which he didn’t like as much. So he cut the words off the second one and carved a huge divit out of the first one and printed them together. The long way… Perseverance! You can’t keep us Lemmon/Boettcher’s down!

So this year Advent is highly anticipated in our house. We look forward to a season of waiting. We look forward to creative, interactive, tangible routines that remind us of the what an incarnate Christ means for our lives today.

We tag teamed with this project:

He thoughtfully crafted the devotional for each week.

I did the layout in InDesign.

I designed and laid out the woodcut cover image.

He traced, carved, re-carved and printed it.

He design the back cover, carved and printed it.

He chose a recycled paper for the body and also chose to print the cover on used brown bags.

I bound them with thread.




We got married. Three years ago today. We got married on a crisp, fall day full of color. It was a wonderful day because I married Ryan.


Our dear friends hosted our rehearsal dinner and let us take our pictures at their house. Their house is completely stunning. What a gift.

My brothers (5x) were a part of giving me away. Or rather, my family gave their blessing on my marriage. Those moments of getting a hug and kiss from each brother, along with actually becoming Ryan’s wife, is probably the thing I cherish most about this day.

I have to say the ceremony itself was amazing. It was actually kind of a long service. We did everything we wanted to, knowing that it could feel long for some people, but it really allowed us to relax and enjoy the experience. Ryan planned the ceremony. He composed the readings, the music, the prayers, all together into such a beautiful picture of who Christ is.  Looking back that was really my first glimpse into this amazing gift that Ryan has–to convey the gospel in such an inviting and inspiring way.

Watching my 80 year old Grandmother dance…and the presence of ALL my cousins was one of the sweetest moment(s) of my wedding. To celebrate with them and have them start to get to know Ryan more was really wonderful.

People often ask what my colors were. I’d say I had a theme more then colors. The theme was based on, but not limited to, a peacock feather. I wanted it to feel chic and vintage, but comfortable. Here are a few pics from our wedding. Enjoy!



Siblings are my fav, there’s always someone to play with! Here is a video of me with my sibs and more film practicing. You can see my other Lemmon Sibling Video here. Charleston has some pretty delicious food, (eggplant burger, biscuits n grits, pecan pie) so we eat a lot in this video. For lunch we were at Hominy Grill, their service was amazing and especially beautiful (my new sister served us).

This video has a time lapse that I’m pretty excited about. I started to heed the warning of my brother that time lapses are addicting, but it was a loss since I’m totally hooked! I also love using the rapid shot to make a little human flip book. Never gets old! Enjoy!

LEMMON SIBLING TIME 02 from Bliss Lemmon on Vimeo.



My Lemmon Brother, Jon, is a newlywed (which you can see related posts here and here). What a completely fun time. They are in the process of furnishing their house and settling into married life. I spontaneously hopped a flight to Charleston to visit them last weekend. Our other Lemmon Brother, Taylor, was there as well. Seriously how many Lemmon siblings are there? 5 Boys and 2 Girls including my beautiful new sister Courtney!

Technology isn’t something I necessarily struggle with or easily understand. It’s something I have to really practice. Jon is a curious soul and has an intuition about technology. So I soak up every chance I get to learn from others. I get such a creative energy boost after being around him. I came away from this trip to Charleston relaxed and encouraged that my filmmaking is improving. Here are some of my practicing shots, which turned into a short story about their little, newlywed, Lemmon house slowly growing into a home.

Making a Lemmon Home from Bliss Lemmon on Vimeo.



So my dear friends Sam & Nicole got married last year. You can watch they’re wedding video here. I also did lots of print pieces for them. Here is the bachelorette invitation. Nicole’s style is a great blend of couture fashion, chic french culture and a soft color palette.  I love working on pieces for people that have such fun style!




So my brother got married in May, which I mentioned in another post. Some of his friends and I threw them a Lemmon Shower. Here are the invitations that Ryan and I did. Ryan took the lemon design and made a woodcut of it. This is my favorite part of the invite!



This video was shot in my kitchen and it gives a few things away. First. My current netflix obsession is Friday Night Lights. Ironically enough I’m hooked and Ryan is over it, so I watch it by myself. Second. When I work from home I don’t get dressed up in anything jazzy. So don’t judge.

Just your average night, but more fun since it’s a time lapse. Sorry you don’t get to see the final product. The sad thing about time lapses is that they end.

Recipe for Sweet Potato Chips (a staple in the Lemmon/Boettcher Home)



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I am totally stoked to continue the tradition of MKE patriotism. I love Aumerrricka! Here is a taste of last years festivities.



Before we moved into our current apartment/house we were able to spend over a month prepping and planning the layout. It is always a challenge to walk into a new space and invision it being your new home. This house was built in the 1890s so it has some amazing old features. The woodwork and built in hutches alone are enough to make you shout “Sold” when you walk in. Which is what we would have done when we first saw it except we’re renting.

When it’s not your house it’s always somewhat of a balance of what you’re allowed to do and what you really want to invest in a place that’s not yours. So in trying to walk that line we’ve really embraced the temporary as a playing field to understand how we work as a couple within space.

Planning is the key to a well used space. Well its really the key to any creative process. I start all of my projects on pinterest. I have a shameless amount of boards so judge if you want. I made a board for every room in our house including My Kitchen.

Then I usually sketch out my ideas, which I included, messy though they are, because I think this is such an essential piece of making a great space! Not all my drawing dreams have come to fruition, but we’re always making our spaces better.

We decided to go with an open and accessible concept in the kitchen. It fit the layout and we love it. It would be so hard to go back to cabinets considering the I always forget to close the few that we have (I’m told I inherited that trait) and I’ve completely fallen in love with the look and convenience of my main ingredients being within reach.


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